Hotkey on a controller

Did you know that it is possible to hotkey on a controller?
If you want to know how, you need to know some downsides to it:

  1. You have to download an app
  2. When using them, you cant type in any chat, until you disable the hotkeys thru the app.

If you still want to know how to do it, just message me and I’ll tell u how to do I with some pics.

isnt that considered using an external program for an advantage?


Well technically if you use a controller whilst playing on a mobile device that’s using external hardware for an advantage. And they hotkeys don’t really affect gameplay in terms of pvp. It’s basically adding on to the controller, because if you use a touch screen, you can change to any hotbar slot, and if your using a mouse and keyboard, you can hotkey to any slot, so it shouldn’t be against the rules to be able to hotkey using a controller.

Yeah pretty sure that’s against the rules.

I guess it’s debatable

but you are overpowering against the other xbox/ps4 players players

most switch users can tap the screen to use hotkeys

That would be a problem if device based matchmaking was there, which it isn’t, meaning your gonna be going against pc and mobile players.

There is smh


what???, there is device based matchmaking lmao

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Bruh there isn’t I’ve been in so many games where there are pc players and I’m on mobile using a controller

prolly becuz you are playing a gamemode where there is less that 300 players, also im claiming fax not a theory lamo, ask any staff member and theyll tell u that pbmm exists

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Hey there,

Since this requires the use of third-party software, this is not allowed.

Going to close this thread now :slight_smile: