Hostile Mob skin pack!

This skin pack contains 8 skin based off of minecrafts monsters.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to sell or modify these skins for your own personal use.

Download: Hostile mobs


Must resist the urge to tell him that the piglin/ zombified piglin is considered a neutral mob

Other than that, looks amazing :star_struck:

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These are really nice
Simplistic, polished,
Good job

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The wardens face!

Anyway looks so cool :heart_eyes: I love it!

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The skins look amazing the shucker especially also a question what’s the font u use for the water mark in the bottom right

Me who can’t use them since I’m on Nintendo switch sad Human noises

Wow these skins look amazing! 10/10

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Good Job :+1:
I love Warden

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We we definitely need a texturepack


WOW! 10.999.999/10! Ts=his is amazing! Good job!
Id say my favorite is the zombie :grinning:


Those are amazing :star_struck: my favorite is the warden but they all look so good​:smile:


Just a font a friend gave me. It’s supposed to look like MC text

What is it called?

Also what font is the other font?