Honey Harvest (Prisons Minigame)

I propose a honey harvesting game.

It would be a Prisons minigame but Hive themed.

It would be like Prisons but instead of mining ores, the player would collect Pollen in The Fields and take it back to their Hive to make Honey. Then the Honey could be used to purchase upgrades like maximum carrying capacity and harvesting speed etc. Honey should also be used to upgrade you Pollen Back Pack and your Pollen Harvester. There should also be a special currency that you can get on rare occasion called Royal Jelly. It could be used for special upgrades like upgrading the size of your Hive and exclusive items like Cosmetics, special Harvesters and special Pollen Back Packs.

If you like this idea, please vote for it.
Also, if you have anything you want to add to this idea then please list them.

Isn’t prison a long term game though? The Hive is a minigame server.

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This would actually be kinda cool, the hive doesn’t need to only have minigames to be successful