HnS Ltm Mode (The Maze)

HnS Ltm Mode

Hide and Seek but instead of a regular map, it’s a maze and the seeker will have to find the hiders while they are in the maze. The hiders could hide in blocks (Which would be overkill so I wouldn’t really suggest that) or just hide somewhere in the maze. This would make the players have to remember the roots of the map which will be quite fun as lots of players are going to come back to HnS to for this Ltm mode.

Also I don’t play HnS, but this idea just came up in my head

this sounds cool!
u get my vote!

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great idea but uhhhhh… i HATE maze
you can just ask them to add a new minigame like that


I think this could be a fun mode.

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I feel that this would work better as a separate game as it doesn’t seem to fit in with Hide and Seek. Nice idea though!

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