Hive's Hall of Fame

This is topic was first made by Itzyaurboi, who has since given this topic to me. It was made to celebrate individuals in the community who have done memorable things on the Hive and its other platforms. So, without further adieu, here we go!

Max Level in all Minigames

  • GarishBard72673
  • SirUmAiR9505
  • TrribleComet
  • xIvcn
  • Xoyko
  • xThqnkU
  • zWhxtDoUWxnt

365 Day + Loginstreaks

  • AltoCylinder644
  • AniKitten
  • BaumV1nn1
  • BouffonPolice78
  • Celly004
  • C0zm064
  • creeperrrrrrs
  • CreeperWEEB
  • EarthHades61370
  • EpicGatorYT
  • Future Light 22
  • GyrrabirdGamer
  • HannahZard22
  • HudsonDog59
  • ItzThunderYt1
  • JollyajaX
  • LeopardJays
  • machote02
  • NarrowedPath
  • OhHeyCreeper
  • papyion7093
  • snowqube
  • St1ick
  • Superboy9235
  • ThanPixel
  • ThatSpeedyDD
  • TheRedBlueYello
  • xPumaPvPs
  • Yatoroonie
  • zWhxtDoUWxnt

Forums Achievements


  • kaiurii - Most Days Visted
  • Cyclosword - Most Likes on a Topic
  • impizzas - Most Likes on a Reply
  • BlueslimeMC - Most Likes Received
  • EnchantedUwU - Most Posts Read
  • BlueSlimeMC - Most Unique Badges
  • TallScissors938 - Most Clicked Link


  • BlueSlimeMC - Most Nice Replies
  • BlueSlimeMC - Most Good Replies
  • Ariannasv22 - Most Contributors
  • BlueSlimeMC - First to get Empathetic
  • BlueSlimeMC - First to get Admired
  • BlueSlimeMC - First to get Devotee

Exceptional Community Contributions

  • TimidSnow - Hive XP Charts and Newsletters
  • BlueSlimeMC - Hive Skin Pack Creator
  • Ariannasv22 - Hive Hoodies Creator
  • NeutronicMC - Hive Discord Bot Creator

Notable Achievements

  • Cyclosword and Skyela - Only users to have been given unique ranks
  • Pizzas, MJ and Skyela - Only users to have been both Staff and Partner
  • Diecies - Largest Hive Youtuber
  • BlueSlimeMC - Appears the most on this list

First To Max Games

Ghost Invasion

2018 - Unknown
2019 - Unknown
2020 - SirUmAiR9505

Treasure Wars

Level 20 - Unknown
Level 50 - Sour Cream Arms
Level 75 - AQA9
Level 100 - EpicArcher2759 & Big Tiny1234


Level 20 - kaiurii
Level 40 - NeilDqEel

Hide And Seek

Level 20 - Unknown
Level 50 - InvoicedBaton30

Murder Mystery

Level 100 - Sour Cream Arms

Survival Games

Level 30 - VCTHEGAM3R

Snow Wars

2019 - AniKitten
2020 - SirUmAiR9505

Just Build

Level 20 - egoknot

Ground Wars

2020 - Cozat

Sky Wars



2021 - Excuse

Forums Top 10

  1. @ThanPixel
  2. @BlueSlimeMC
  3. @unikern1o
  4. @GoldenCenturia
  5. @TallScissors938
  6. @BlazeDrake100
  7. @Arthur78234
  8. @thegamingtoyYT
  9. @OnlyOrbi
  10. @HolyPotato263

If you think anyone else should be added to this list, let me know! I will continually be updating it :)


Never in my life saw a hive hall of fame and I did not even thought about it but I am not in the hive’s hall of fame so I hope a day will come that I get added to this hive’s hall of fame!


@ItzFire1234529 being a UwU man


sad @xIvcn noises

he maxed all games recently

also maybe add a section for loginstreaks

only 365+ though


Oop I forgot about the login steak thing, and I’ll add xlvcn

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There’s also @SirUmAiR9505
And I’m sure a few others

There are also a lot more people with that.

Do your research, all 5 of us have more visits than him

I really feel bad that you have to resort to such ways to gain likes, without doing ANY research from what I can tell.


bouffon doesnt have max in all game yet

hes 16 on jb, 60 smth on MM and 20 on SG

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Ik that Ani and Leo have a 365 loginstreak at least, so does earthhades

turns out I’m not the only one who needs to do some researchs /j

Right, I fixed that, I just misread his description and/or mistook him for someone else.

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Who said I’m doing this for likes, I was just bored so I’ve decided to create a topic.

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sounds tasty, do you know where I could buy some? /s

maybe also put most likes received on there. Im 99% sure slime has that but pixel may have it by now


Done!! I have added the dude

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you need to remove bouffon…

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I’d add a dash between blueslime and most

makes it look better imo

do it everywhere where youve named someone and then said why they got in

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I’m sure theres many more players on the forums whom have login streaks higher than 365, as well as many players who are max in all games. Interesting post nonetheless.


Maxing all games

  • zWhxtDoUWxnt
  • ThanPixel
  • SirUmAiR9505
  • xIvcn
  • Adept Conqueror
  • MR RANDALL100 (I don’t know for JB)
  • xThqnkU (I don’t know for JB)
  • kaiurii (I don’t know for JB)

365+ days loginstreak

  • EarthHades61370
  • BouffonPolice78
  • ThanPixel
  • HudsonDog59
  • CreeperWEEB
  • St1ick
  • AniKitten
  • LeopardJays
  • JollyajaX
  • Celly004
  • xPumaPvPs
  • TheRedBlueYello
  • AltoCylinder644

toss in enchanted for having read every post


DEF MARLIN and @creeperrrrrrs have 365 day loginstreak.

I would like to say Marlin is one of many. He is First place in JB all time leaderboard, probably has a 500 day loginstreak, not even hive+, might be a Hive OG, and doesn’t use chat or discord. He is one of those Hive supporters that aren’t known. Can we all just give him a clap

Edit: add @Yatoroonie because he is basically maxed in every game except JB


Remember :slight_smile: to be nice :+1:
Positivity :grinning: is the key :key:

No offense Itzya but I have to agree with slime here