Hives gotta fix this

First off no I’m not staying because I made a post. I’m leaving cz of certain forumers

Now to what I have to say. I feel like the hive cares more about things people don’t really mind, then don’t do the things we want. For example in The Christmas update has he give spent so long making a whole new hub pretty much and a choo choo train when they could have been making a new game. Like no body while leave the hive if they just put down a Christmas tree was some presents. Stuff like this makes me feel like the hive is under impression that we care about asthetics more than the fun. Here are some examples I’d like to point out

  1. Having a whole 15 ending after each match to show off the winner

  2. Spending their time making a Christmas hub. That while only last 20 days

  3. Every time the season changes new details come to maps and stuff

And I could go on but I do t want to keep criticizing.

I just feel like the hive needs to be more chill and go with the flow like making games and just being less formal. No one really cares about the asthetics more than they do about the fun. But don’t get me wrong I really like the asthetics of the hive. I just think the hive has got to change to get more people to go lay they have like 7 games and other servers are at like 25.

I do really see lots of potential in the hive but they don’t use it for the right things

Have a nice day :honeybee:


I do agree a bunch of the things here, but maybe go check out this post the hive has promised for 2022:

They’ll be releasing a bunch new permanent content, and will be avoiding working (or even doing) limited time stuff


I still remember you saying that all the time lol and like gabo said they are going to add a lot of new things this year that are going to be permanent