Hive Youtube content

Hello! I just wanna ask What kind of Content should i upload on my Hive Youtube Channel…Please i want to gain subs so i need s good content tell me what kind of content shoukd i upload (Examples: Montages,Tutorial etc…)

Hey there! so what type of gamemode you like to play?

Skywars and Treasure wars

You’d wanna start with practicing and doing challenges for example. No Wool in Treasure Wars.

All that are my basic tips and you are NOT forced to do them. :+1:

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I’d suggest you to make good and unique videos. Challenges are nice but "No wool in Treasure Wars :scream: ", Sumo / PvP Montages and trapping videos are common and there are already hundreds of channels uploading these.

I know, finding unique ideas is hard but it’s the best way for sucess I guess.


I suggest grinding on treasure wars and trying to get really good at pvp!

Also like mentioned earlier montages are great and I know someone who could help you make them if you need help. Maybe a challenge like surviving without doing any pvp until the last five minutes on either twars or skywars. Anyway I hope this helps your YouTube journey

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