Hive Ultimate Bedrock Rewards

So, I just bought Ultimate Rank on Java, and I am wondering how I get the code to redeem my Bedrock rewards.

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You can’t get the rewards anymore sadly

It still says it on the website…

Rare Bee Costume

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And you’re joking, right…?

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I’m not 100 percent certain, but if I remember correctly the bonus costume was a limited time thing they ran when the server started I think, so you can’t get the costume if you just bought ultimate I think

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I just talked to a Dev on the Java server and he provided me to a link where I claimed it.


The reward is available to anybody with the ultimate rank. You can redeem it here.

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I talked to a dev on the Java server; he resolved it for me. Thanks! Also, sorry! I didn’t mean to spam with unwanted threads.



Well good thing you could still get it! Seems I was misinformed and have a good day!

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It’s fine! Thanks! Have a good day as well!