Hive Steve Costume [Idea]

Hello there!
I have been playing on the hive and i saw lots of players with the hive steve skin so i came up with this idea.

Hive steve costume

More Info:
The hive steve costume can be obtained by playing on the hive for 100 days and there will be a jacket on the hive steve with a hive bee logo and head phones too(like the one on the discord pig costume)
Thanks for reading :grinning:

Here comes Arthur with his guidelines post


errrr… what??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ok i will remove it

just remove the signature, not the entire post

Thanks for informing me

arthur be like

brialgic be like

this is a good idea!


Good idea. I need a costume lol i just have the watermelon one

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Yellow steve is no longer on the hive, since they now show as random marketplace skins instead. That means that now a yellow steve costume might be the only way for a player to have access to the skin ever again without downloading it. Thats why I’m advocating for a hive steve costume, with the hub title “Good Old Days” or something in the quest master shop in the near future. also advocating sounds like avocato and im hungry so imma shut now.


Well i agree wit this and i like good old days hub title but im thinking to put original yellow steve as a monthy costume but the costume has more detail like its a couple inches bigger and maybe add some abs to the yellow steve

I tried to make it come back but it Didn’t work :expressionless:

Its a monthy costume why would hive not do that! Im also saying to also shuffle original yellow steves wit the new marketplace skins/furrys