Hive Skywars Lore

Hello to anyone reading this, me and my friends are trying to uncover Hive Skywars lore and make it a video. If anyone knows if lore is confirmed, or have an idea to what the lore confirmed, write down on this post and tell me if you agree or disagree with my theory:

There was once a civilization of super humans with wings (maybe angels) that built big monuments and places to live. These humans had the magic of a lemon tree that made their islands float. This lemontree made the minerals in the islands automatically made weapons and armor, but the angels didn’t use this, they were peaceful. One day a floating boat with armed pirates took ove and conquered the angel’s civilization, killing them all due to them not knowing how to defend themselves. These pirates in control, knew about the power of the lemon tree and they fought for it, splitting themselves into different teams and alliances, which makes us go in. We the players are the next generation which know nothing about what happened except that the other teams are bad and we must kill.

Yes this theory is very wild tell me if you have any questions or have an idea to what would make more sense. Thank you for reading!


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Would anybody like a Hive Skywars Kits lore?

Long ago the 5 kits lived together in harmony
That all changed when the Baller snowballed them all off the edge
The end
Voidwalker teleported to his home and swore revenge on the baller
Idk what comes next


Yep also welcome to the fourms