Hive replay = purchase with quest points :)

You can buy replay with quest points or once you max all games you get it

Replay pass should be an available to all Hive + members for 10000 quest points another way you should be able to get it is if you have Hive + and max all games you get it :slight_smile:
Vote if you want this in Hive :cubee:
Another reason they should add this to Hive is because it will make more people want to get hive + :soft_cubee:

The way it is is already fair.
It would be kinda unfair for Hive + members to get all these other cool perks while people who can’t afford it can’t get it. 10000 quest points to get it is kinda a cool idea but either people will lose the motivation, dont care about quest points. ( like half of the community ) and also it matters on the skill people have. more skilled enough people are gonna just speed through it all. ( all though it would improve peoples skill ) remember. the max you can get with quest points is 30. so prob 75-90% of people are gonna give up.

Shorter answer - its just a opinion and a idea. people ( some people ) are gonna have different thoughts. and the hive wont prob add this. its a good idea tho ima be honest . also. maybe a little advice. maybe it could be 1500-3000 points to get it maybe and i would completely agree with this idea. :cubee:

( edit ) also its just a store item. do you really want it that bad?


yes, I do want it that bad bc a replay pass is cool and I spent all my money on Hive +. and also 10000 was typo I was thinking 3000 Idk why I put that but another option would be 1500 for one month free

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Hello! This was already suggested here: The Quest Master Update *Concept*

Please use the search tool next time before posting :))


This is not a good idea. The way hive reply’s price/subscription works I think is that they need the money for servers to store all the replays

A good idea though is a demo or free trial of it for hive+ users


i wanna buy it for you now

Pretty sure clank said pets and replay pass will never be for QP


Duplicate suggestion