Hive Ranks

Hello to everyone reading this,
recently i have seen many hive team members, including some developers and the community manager! But i noticed something, their ranks keep changing, sometimes the developers have the „hive“ rank and sometimes they have the „DEV“ rank, same for community manager, sometimes „Hive“ and sometimes „C…smth“

Is it a change or are they able to change their rank name?

I am pretty sure they have always had the ‘Hive’ rank for the past year. I know there used to be a ‘CM’ rank and stuff, but apart from that, I don’t think they can change them.

i saw the „DEV“ rank a month ago in the hub

I also saw splodger saying somthing in chat, his rank was Splod3r [Owner]: hello
it said owner instead of CM or hive

We made it so that all Hive Team ranks have the same [HIVE] prefix just under a year ago :slightly_smiling_face: