Hive ranks to start with better swords or not

Is there any ranks on the hive do you can start with better equipment in survival games or not

Hello! :wave:
No, ranks on the server do not award game advantages such as this. This is something that I can assure you, will not change.

The only purchasable rank on the server is Hive+. This is a lifetime rank that can be bought for 1690 minecoins over at the large green ‘+’ sign in the hub!
Hive+ perks include:
/ Double Party Slots (4 -> 8)
/ Double Friend Slots (75 -> 150)
/ Doubled daily quests (4 -> 8)
/ 50% XP boost across all games
/ 2 Map votes (1 -> 2)
/ Green name in-game and on Discord, aswell as access to Premium channels.
/ Cosmetics (Including Royal Melon costume, hub titles {The OG}{The Supporter}{The VIBee}, avatars {Pig, frog, duck, cow})
/ Ability to create a swarm once Swarms release.
/ Custom Server creation


No, the hive doesn’t add different kits as they can be unbalanced. And it doesn’t give any advantages in games for playing more or having a rank, to keep everything fair to everyone.