Hive Podcast

I think a hive podcast would be fun.

Hosted by a member(s) of the community. Or a while ago Fowben said in his stream about it and he would like to do one but he said not enough people would listen so it would be a waste of time. If fowben ever hosted one, I think it should be weekly or twice monthly with special guests and talking about updates and things relevant to the hive. I also think it would work well in the style of a PotatoPie25 video but with only sound. A reasonable length would be 15-30 mins at a push

If it ever happened I think EvidentP would be a good guest

Finally, I understand that the hive is working on other updates at the moment and a podcast may not be the top of their priority but it’s a good thing to consider if they are ever looking for something to give to the community. The good thing about a podcast is you can listen to it anywhere and also you can listen while you play hive whereas if you are watching a YouTube video it would be hard to watch at the same time as playing if you only have one screen.

Thank you for reading my suggestion, bye


I was actually thinking about this, Like a Hive Recap sort of thing maybe like Hypixel Recap by Lego Meastro, sounds like a good idea! I think it should be led by someone that is part of the community.

could you imagine podcast rank :smile:


Yeah, agreed. I feel like I’d have fun doing it, but I’m also not well known in the community.


really affirmative positively insanely cool

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This is actually a really cool idea

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I thought about podcast rank but the problem is, too many people would want it and there would be too many people making it. I think a staff should be good to run it because then it could be “official hive podcast”


I’m sure if u promo a lot then ppl would find u. When I joined hive a few years ago I searched Spotify for hive podcast but I had no luck. If there was one then that would have been an extra listener

I love it. Podcast would be great idea and it will make Hive Youtube’s Channel have some functions. :wink:

to be completely honest, thats not what the original poster seemed to want, nor is it right to promote it here. they obviously wanted something official, with information out of reach from the average person, as if you really wanted to hear about updates, you could just read the change log. the original post was likely referring to hive team hosting it, with new information on updates.

and as for the whole idea, likely not happening. Hive just isn’t the type of company to let you see things as they are made, think about how few swarms leaks there were in like the last 2 years, its to the point where it seems like development has not only stopped, but might as well be going backwards lol

I thought the podcast could be about past updates, summary of small change log, speedruns,etc also what were you talking about in ur 1st paragraph

Honestly, it’s a good idea, but won’t have a set release date.

I was replying to the guy who deleted his posts.

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