Hive lemon tree event

Hive lemon tree event

[I think that lemon tree event would be pretty cool as It’s also part of the lore in hive skywars]

Players Would go in a hub that Has many Lemon tree but there’s a big Lemon tree in the center that Players will have to Do fight monsters. Players will have to use the wood from the other small lemon tree and craft some gear, And then They will go in a specific Place to Fight against lemon tree monsters and At the last part they will get some lemon tree cosmetics such as a lemon tree spawn at the island and more cosmetics at other games. [Now im just suggesting a Hive lemon tree Event, Hive can do the rest Of how The Event will work] before people comment " how will it work?"…

[Hive should Do more events that is part of it’s lore]

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Nice idea!
There’s also more lemon trees in TW, maybe something happened to all of the TW trees? :thinking:

I don’t get this suggestion at all because…

  1. What are we going to fight in this “event”?
  2. You said that we will get an apple, what might this apple actually be and what perks will it have?
  3. Sure the tree is part of the lore ig but this will probably be unnecessary and a waste of time to make just for a tree decoration that has been around in SkyWars for a long time.
  4. Not all things that are connected to the Hive lore has to be turned into some grand event.

Yes there are…

It’s just an idea. It’s not like he’s in charge of making everything make sense. I understood it fine. And who said there needed to be someome/something to fight? It’s just a rough idea, and it’s a pretty good idea :slight_smile:

Wat perks?

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It’s incredibly unlikely for a really vaguesuggestion to be accepted. I like the idea too, but it needs more details


I don’t really have many details, but Hive can make How the Lemon tree event works. Im just suggesting Hive lemon tree

The point of a suggestion is to give hive the ideas that you want to see. You can’t just say “here’s a small bit of a suggestion, figure the rest out”.

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