Hive knockback problem

  1. Hive knockback has a problem. The biggest problem is that when I experience this the person I fight does not.

  2. I also have good ping, like 10 - 30, and sometimes it randomly gives good kb and then after a short while strips it away.

  3. Is it because I’m clicking high cps, I normally go between 12 - 17

  4. My suspicions for this issue is on the spring update. After a week or so of it coming into the hive this issue started to come. I hav been playing hive since Augest of 2020 and I cannot remember this issue happening for EVERY player.

  5. Please dm me on discord, CombatBad#0124 to let me know when or how to fix this.

  6. I used to to play hive a lot and I am a extremely sweaty and good player and KB is a big part of how I combo and for other people.

  7. Sweaty people are starting to leave Hive and I can assure you that more and more good and average players will leave till the servers eventual demise.

there nothing wrong with the kb java in 1.8 has more of a kb problem then any bedrock sever

there is, watch swims vid

I’m not good at pvp but One thing for sure is that he definitely is taking little knockback. I do agree this needs to be fixed

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No please this is bad do NOT change Hive’s perfect kb. Btw, if the kb is short just w tap to keep the right distance. EASY

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this sounds more like a specific glitch than a complaint about the general kb

also thats not really how w tapping works
a. its a lot about memorizing the timing and distance, its not something you can get used to doing to someone with less kb without fighting people like that for a while
b. if the person posting this is taking more kb than their opponent, then their opponent hits the ground first. this forces the person to not really be able to w tap, while the opponent could s tap or w tap to get the exact range they want


It’s not a KB problem it just works differently (and better imo)