Hive hot topic

Chime in to a topic that I created,You can suggest a topic in the comment.Everyday I will add a topic to this post.You can only answer 1 topic a day so choose wisely.

Day 1

What is the most annoying encounter in murder mystery

Day 2

If you apply to hive helper do you think they will accept you?

Day 3

What game do you think you will get bored with after a long period of time?

Day 4

If hive all of a sudden disappears what featured server would you go to,and what server would you avoid?

Day 5

What is your best winstreak and what game was it in?

Day 6

What is the most kills you got in a single game?

Day 7

Which splodg3r meme is better:buff splodg3r or axolotl splodg3r

Day 8

Rate your PvP skills from a scale of 1-10

Day 9

If you had one chance to make a game for the hive what will it be?

Day 10

What is your most cherished moment on the hive?

Day 11

What are your thoughts on sky royale?

Day 12

Should ghost invasion be added to arcade?

Day 13

What do you think of this years April fools joke?

Day 14

Have you finished the full obstacle course in the hub? (You have kangaroo and frog hub title)

Day 15

Most annoying encounter in treasure war?

Day 16

Do you think Knockback nemo is SkyWars is actually OP?

Day 17

Do you think the hive is toxic?

Day 18

What is your favorite costume made by the hive?

Day 19

Share your most favorite replay moment

Day 20

Which game mode is better kits or classic SkyWars?
Sorry for the late post

Day 21

Who is your best friend on the hive?

Day 22

Out of these options what type of treasure wars player are you?
-The rusher (rush for treasures)
-Defender (insane treasure defense)
-Kill master (goes for kills)
Other (names)

Day 23

Other than the hive what server did you play on?

Day 24

What are your thoughts on the first edition of the hive newsletter?

Day 25

Do you think the hive would be different if treasure wars never replaced dragon wars?

Day 26

What hive YouTubers do you watch?

Day 27

When do you expect to see arcade?

Day 28

What is your worst pink glitch experience on the hive?

Day 29

Have you ever created any sort of content related to the hive?

Day 30

What are your current thoughts on this topic?


How did you find out about this?

Day 31

Do you think hive is pay to win? (Say no or else)

Day 32

Should the hive host a official tournament to earn rewards?

Day 33

If you have the chance to remove a hive mini game,what will it be?

Day 34

If you could update one game what will it be?

Day 35

We have talked about who is your best friend on the hive,but who is your favorite forumer.

Day 36

We have talked about your favorite moment on the hive,now we are talking about your most favorite SkyWars moment


Shhhhhhh,what is your most favorite treasure wars moment

Day 37

Mixed arcade is coming soon what type of MicroGame would you like to see?

Day 38

Do you think prestige should be added to every game that has 100 levels?

Day 39

Should the hive add a battle pass like galaxite.

Day 40

Do you think swarms should have been halted in the first place?

Day 41

Favorite pet on the hive?

Day 42

Do you like hamster clankstar or Elsa clanksatr

Day 43

What are your thoughts on @akricap,this is what happens when you run out of ideas.


Hive Steve


When the murderer Just hides in a corner for five minutes.


When people steal coins right in front of me

Hive Steves are also pretty annoying, or when the murderer camps at the sheriff’s grave


Pink glitch the worst thing to encounter first hand

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Being the murderer on Eso Hotel is the most annoying thing. :skull: You literally can’t win unless everyone has bad bow aim.

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That is the exact answer that I wanted people to tell

Day 2: Well you can’t apply for moderation so no! If it was for a helper possibly but I haven’t been as active

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Ok I changed it to helper

Day 2: lmao nope, no chance. wouldn’t want to be either rn.

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I have everything except discord to be a helper lol, but I probably won’t be cuz I will be busy like all the time with studies.

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Day 2:No chance

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Day 2: I don’t meet all of the requirements yet, but when I do, I would like to be optimistic and say that I would probably get accepted on my seventeenth application!

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I am even more optimistic I will get it on my 30th application

Why not you can get every costume in the game and the pets and stuff for free

Helpers do not get all the cosmetics. Their role is to help out and be a welcoming face of the community. You shouldn’t apply for the Helper position just to get cosmetics and other ‘perks’. :sweat_smile:

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Day 2: I’d definitely like to be a helper and get know the staff better. Tbh I think they would maybe accept me, I have no idea what’s their criteria for this after someone has all the requirements, but it would be pretty cool if they did.


Honestly, seeing how active you are in the community, you would no doubt be accepted!

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i barely play hive so I’d get demoted for not doing my job which I don’t have any motivation to do rn.

other reasons too but i Just woke up

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I have applied for Hive helper recently and was denied, but I’m reapplying again in a few days and I think I could be accepted. If I’m not, then it’s probably because I don’t have enough experience. I’m hopeful about it this time!

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