Hive Gravity: Japanese Translation Bug

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ゲー 終了
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I believe that this is a bug that should be fixed on The Hive’s Gravity. When I played to see if there was any bugs, I saw the game over screen. And went to see what it meant. And it didn’t say game over, Japanese people say it means, “Do you finish the game?” Or, “To end/To finish”. This means that it doesn’t actually say, “Game Over” on Hive.
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When I loaded up Hive to see if there were anymore Translation Bugs, I thought about going to Gravity to see if there were any bugs in the Japanese Language setting. And everything was fine, till I saw the “Game over” screen. And I decided to translate it, but Google didn’t really help, so I asked Japanese Players on Hive, and they said it says, “Do you Finish the Game?/ゲームは終わりますか?”. Or, “To end/To Finish/終わる/終わる“. And when I translated those words, I saw that it didn’t actually say “Game Over”. So I believe that This Translation bug should be fixed. Thanks, and Have a good Day! :smile:
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(I didn’t get a screenshot yet, I will get it if you need it though. :slight_smile:)

Hey there,

The current translation correctly translates to ‘Game Over’.

We ask that you only create suggestions for languages that you are fluent in; the use of translation tools like Google translate can be inaccurate, as context and other factors are not taken into account.

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