Hive Games Level Unlocks

Skywars Unlocks Images
Level 2: 'Cat' Flag

Level 3: 'Hoverboard' Spawn Vehicle

Level 6: 'Skywars Island' Avatar and 'Money' Island Flag

'Skywars Island' Avatar

Level 8: 'Money' Spawn Vehicle and 'Barrel' Death Crate

Level 10: 'Earth' Island Flag

Level 11: 'Drone' Spawn Vehicle

Level 14: 'Star' Island Flag

Level 15: 'Flying Pig' Spawn Vehicle

Level 16: 'Pixel Fighter' Avatar, 'Pirate' Island Flag and 'Toolbox' Death Crate

'Pixel Fighter' Avatar

Level 18: 'Magic Carpet' Spawn Vehicle

Level 19: 'Sun' Island Flag

Level 21: 'Royal' Island Flag

Level 22: 'Hot Air Balloon' Spawn Vehicle and 'Double AAH!' Avatar

'Double AAH!' Avatar

Level 24: 'Tree' Island Flag

Level 25: 'Royal Chest' Death Crate and 'Umbrella' Spawn Vehicle

'Umbrella' Spawn Vehicle

Level 27: 'Creeper' Island Flag

Level 29: 'UFO' Spawn Vehicle

Level 30: 'Unicorn' Island Flag

Level 31: 'Boom boom boom' Avatar

'Boom boom boom' Avatar

Level 32: 'Parachute' Spawn Vehicle

'Parachute' Spawn Vehicle

Level 33: 'Moon' Island Flag

Level 34: 'Cat Chest' Death Crate

Level 35: 'Hover Car' Spawn Vehicle

Level 36: 'Nether' Island Flag

Level 38: 'Bee' Island Flag and 'Spell Master' Avatar

'Spell Master' Avatar

Level 39: 'Floating Island' Spawn Vehicle

Level 40: 'Sky Fighter' Costume

I couldn’t find a good image for this sorry :blush:

Level 42: 'Package' Death Crate

Level 44: 'Donut' Island Flag

Level 46: 'Star Speeder' Spawn Vehicle

Level 47: 'Blessed Deathcrate' Avatar

'Blessed Deathcrate' Avatar

Level 49: 'Trash Can' Death Crate

Level 51: 'Junkyard' Island Flag

Level 53: 'Sorcery' Spawn Vehicle

'Sorcery' Spawn Vehicle
I had to record this in Minecraft. Sorry if this is low-quality.:blush:

Level 54: 'Skylord' Avatar

'Skylord' Avatar

Level 56: 'Adventurer's Backpack' Death Crate

Level 58: 'Heart of Gold' Island Flag

Level 60: 'Ghastly' Spawn Vehicle

'Ghastly' Spawn Vehicle

Level 61: 'Escape Plan' Avatar

'Escape Plan' Avatar

Level 63: 'Sunken Chest' Death Crate

Level 65: 'Solar System' Island Flag

Level 67: 'Big Cat' Spawn Vehicle

Level 68: 'Sky Warrior' Avatar

'Sky Warrior' Avatar

Level 70: 'Grand Ender Chest' Death Crate

'Grand Ender Chest' Death Crate

Level 72: 'The Dealt Hand' Island Flag

Level 74: 'Solar Orbit'

'Solar Orbit' Spawn Vehicle

Level 75: 'Sky Goddess' Costume

Tell me if I missed anything (Other than Hub Titles and Particles).
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