Hive Games Level Unlocks

Welcome to the ‘Hive Games Level Unlocks’! Here, you will find every unlock you get per level, per game. It will take me a while to update this, but I will try my best to keep is as updated as possible. Also, I might add pictures of each thing, later on. If you guys find any for me to add, or if I have made a mistake, feel free to help me out.

Main Games

Skywars (Max Level: 75)

:cloud: Skywars Unlocks :cloud:

Level 2: ‘Cat’ Flag and ‘Rainbow Burst’ Kill Effect
Level 3: ‘Red Swirls’ Projectile Trail and ‘Hoverboard’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 4: ‘The Sky Warrior’ Hub Title
Level 5: ‘Won the battle’ Kill Phrase
Level 6: ‘Skywars Island’ Avatar and ‘Money’ Play Flag
Level 7: ‘Champion of the Sky’ Hub Title and ‘Yellow Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 8: ‘Money’ Spawn Vehicle and ‘Barrel’ Death Crate
Level 9: ‘Ended game’ Kill Phrase
Level 10: ‘Cloud Croissant’ Hub Title and ‘Earth’ Player Flag
Level 11: ‘Drone’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 12: ‘Blue Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 13: ‘Green Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 14: ‘Star’ Flag and ‘Bubble Burst’ Kill Effect
Level 15: ‘Sky High’ Hub Title and ‘Flying Pig’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 16: ‘Pixel Fighter’ Avatar, ‘Pirate’ Flag and ‘Toolbox’ Death Crate
Level 17: ‘Said goodbye’ Kill Phrase
Level 18: ‘Magic Carpet’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 19: ‘Sun’ Flag
Level 20: ‘Floaty Floaty’ Hub Title and ‘Purple Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 21: ‘Royal’ Flag
Level 22: ‘Hot Air Balloon’ Spam Vehicle and ‘Double AHH!’ Avatar
Level 23: ‘To Their Grave’ Kill Phrase and ‘Zebra Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 24: ‘Tree’ Flag and ‘Chicken Pop’ Kill Effect
Level 25: ‘Royal Chest’ Death Crate and ‘Umbrella’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 26: ‘Knockback Nemo’ Hub Title and ‘Icey Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 27: ‘Creeper’ Flag
Level 28: ‘Meanie’ Kill Phrase
Level 29: ‘UFO’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 30: ‘Unicorn’ Flag
Level 31: ‘Slime Swirls’ Projectile Trail and ‘Boom boom boom’ Avatar
Level 32: ‘The Epic Gamer’ Hub Title and ‘Parachute’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 33: ‘Moon’ Flag and ‘Explosion’ Kill Effect
Level 34: ‘Cat Chest’ Death Crate, ‘Turned to Zombie’ Kill Phrase and ‘Rainbow Swirls’ Projectile Trail
Level 35: ‘Hover Car’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 36: ‘Nether’ Flag and ‘Fire’ Projectile Trail
Level 37: ‘Null and Void’ Kill Phrase
Level 38: ‘Bee’ Flag and ‘Spell Master’ Avatar
Level 39: ‘Floating Island’ Spawn Vehicle, ‘Skywars Master’ Hub Title and ‘Hearts’ Projectile Trail
Level 40: ‘Sky Fighter’ Costume
Level 41: ‘Skulls’ Projectile Trail
Level 42: ‘Package’ Death Crate
Level 43: ‘Silenced’ Kill Phrase
Level 44: ‘Donut’ Flag
Level 45: ‘Zeus’ Hub Title
Level 46: ‘Star Speeder’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 47: ‘Blessed Deathcrate’ Avatar
Level 48: ‘Donuts’ Projectile Trail
Level 49: ‘Trash Can’ Death Crate
Level 50: ‘Ka-ching’ Kill Effect and ‘Rolled’ Kill Phrase
Level 51: ‘Junkyard’ Flag
Level 52: ‘Skylord’ Hub Title
Level 53: ‘Sorcery’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 54: ‘Skylord’ Avatar
Level 55: ‘Golden Nuggets’ Projectile Trail
Level 56: ‘Adventurers Backpack’ Death Crate
Level 57: ‘Banished’ Kill Phrase
Level 58: ‘Heart of Gold’ Flag
Level 59: ‘The sky’s the limit’ Hub Title
Level 60: ‘Ghastly’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 61: ‘Banashing’ Kill Effect and ‘Escape Plan’ Avatar
Level 62: ‘Ender’ Projectile Trail
Level 63: ‘Void Avoider’ Hub Title and ‘Sunken Chest’ Death Crate
Level 64: ‘Flying’ Kill Phrase
Level 65: ‘Solar System’ Flag
Level 66: ‘GG!’ Hub Title
Level 67: ‘Big Cat’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 68: ‘Sky Warrior’ Avatar
Level 69: ‘nice.’ Hub Title and ‘Diamonds’ Projectile Trail
Level 70: ‘Grand Ender Chest’ Death Crate
Level 71: ‘Butterflies’ Kill Effect and ‘Knocked Out’ Kill Phrase
Level 72: ‘The Dealt Hand’ Flag
Level 73: ‘feelsbadman’ Hub Title
Level 74: ‘Solar Orbit’ Spawn Vehicle
Level 75: ‘Sky Goddess’ Costume

Treasure Wars (Max Level: 100)

:crown: Treasure Wars Unlocks :crown:

Level 2: ‘Drew (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 3: ‘Dolphin’ Auto Bridget
Level 4: ‘Moai Head’ Treasure and ‘The Defender’ Hub Title
Level 5: ‘Brooke (Monster)’ Avatar and ‘Swirls’ Sparkles
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:
Level 11:
Level 12:
Level 13:
Level 14:
Level 15:

Adding More Soon!!!

Survival Games (Max Level: 30)

Coming Soon!

Hide and Seek (Max Level: 50)

:eyes: Hide and Seek Unlocks :eyes:

Level 2: NO UNLOCK
Level 3: ‘The Short Sighted’ Hub Title
Level 4: NO UNLOCK
Level 5: ‘Riley (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 6: ‘Robot’ Block Legs, ‘Cat Ears’ Block Hat and ‘Robot’ Block Eyes
Level 7: NO UNLOCK
Level 8: ‘The Sneaky’ Hub Title
Level 9: ‘Chef Hat’ Block Hat and ‘Max (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 10: ‘Peg Leg’ Block Leg
Level 11: ‘Cyclops’ Block Eyes
Level 12: ‘Hard Hat’ Block Hat and ‘The Mysterious’ Hub Title
Level 13: ‘Dana (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 14: ‘Cartoon’ Block Legs
Level 15: ‘Monocle’ Block a eyes
Level 16: ‘Witch Hat’ Block Hat and ‘The Escapist’ Hub Title
Level 17: NO UNLOCK
Level 18: ‘Chicken’ Block Legs
Level 19: ‘Phoenix (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 20: ‘Sunglasses’ Block Eyes
Level 21: ‘Anime’ Block Eyes
Level 22: ‘Cat Paws’ Block Legs
Level 23: ‘Flag’ Block Hat
Level 24: ‘Pekaboo!’ Hub Title
Level 25: ‘Hiding Doggo’ Avatar
Level 26: ‘Cow Face’ Block Eyes
Level 27: ‘Dragon’ Block Legs
Level 28: ‘Mailbot Hat’ Block Hat
Level 29: ‘The Chase IS ON’ Hub Title
Level 30: ‘Dragon’ Block Hat
Level 31: ‘Visor’ Block Eyes
Level 32: ‘Cat Detective’ Avatar
Level 33: ‘Mailbot Wheel’ Block Legs
Level 34: ‘Taxi Sign’ Block Hay
Level 35: ‘Waldo’ Hub Title
Level 36: ‘Mailbot Face’ Block Eyes
Level 37: ‘Sneakers’ Block Legs
Level 38: ‘Pizza’ Block Hat
Level 39: ‘Peekaboo’ Avatar
Level 40: ‘Dragon’ Block Eyes
Level 41: ‘Leaf me alone.’ Hub Title
Level 42: ‘UFO’ Block Legs
Level 43: ‘Laser’ Block Hat
Level 44: ‘Deal With It’ Block Eyes
Level 45: ‘Found You’ Avatar
Level 46: ‘Sneaky Beaky’ Hub Title
Level 47: ‘Cat Headphones’ Block Hat
Level 48: ‘Pinocchio’ Block Eyes
Level 49: ‘Mermaid Tail’ Block Legs
Level 50: ‘Ultimate Hider’ Costume

Murder Mystery (Max Level: 100)

:mag_right: Murder Mystery Unlocks :mag:

Level 2: ‘White Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 3: ‘Wrench’ Throwable
Level 4: ‘Skull’ Gravestone
Level 5: ‘Fork’ Throwable
Level 6: ‘Gold Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 7: ‘Phone’ Throwable
Level 8: ‘The Good Citizen’ Hub Title
Level 9: ‘Soda Can’ Throwable
Level 10: ‘Green Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 11: ‘Heart’ Gravestone
Level 12: ‘Handcuffs’ Throwable
Level 13: ‘Balloon’ Gravestone
Level 14: ‘Blue Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 15: ‘Harper (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 16: ‘Tire’ Throwable
Level 17: ‘Bird Nest’ Gravestone
Level 18: ‘Red Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 19: ‘Spatula’ Throwable
Level 20: ‘The Suspicious’ Hub Title
Level 21: ‘Pencil’ Throwable
Level 22: ‘Yellow Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 23: ‘Head’ Gravestone
Level 24: ‘Magnet’ Throwable
Level 25: ‘Eli (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 26: ‘Magenta Swirls’ Zapper Trail
Level 27: ‘Fish’ Throwable
Level 28: ‘Screwdriver’ Throwable
Level 29: ‘Shovel’ Gravestone
Level 30: ‘White Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 31: ‘The Trustable’ Hub Title
Level 32: ‘Cucumber’ Throwable
Level 33: ‘Rubber Duck’ Gravestone
Level 34: ‘Gold Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 35: ‘Sage (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 36: ‘Popcorn’ Throwable
Level 37: ‘Phone’ Gravestone
Level 38: ‘Green Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 39: ‘The Spy’ Hub Title
Level 40: ‘Boot’ Throwable
Level 41: ‘Backpack’ Gravestone
Level 42: ‘Blue Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 43: ‘Flower Pot’ Throwable
Level 44: ‘Top Hat’ Gravestone
Level 45: ‘Baseball Bat’ Throwable
Level 46: ‘Red Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 47: ‘Eyeball’ Throwable
Level 48: ‘Mini House’ Gravestone
Level 49: ‘Stapler’ Throwable
Level 50: ‘Mini Me’ Gravestone
Level 51: ‘Yellow Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 52: ‘Carrot’ Throwable
Level 53: ‘Andy (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 54: ‘Beachball’ Throwable
Level 55: ‘Pancakes’ Gravestone
Level 56: ‘Magenta Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 57: ‘Candle’ Throwable
Level 58: ‘Star’ Gravestone
Level 59: ‘Hotdog’ Throwable
Level 60: ‘The Murderer’ Hub Title
Level 61: ‘Hammer’ Throwable
Level 62: ‘Thunder Cloud’ Zapper Trail
Level 63: ‘Pizza’ Gravestone
Level 64: ‘Cartoon Bomb’ Throwable
Level 65: ‘The Sheriff’ Hub Title
Level 66: ‘Donut’ Throwable
Level 67: ‘Snowman’ Gravestone
Level 68: ‘Rainbow Sparkles’ Zapper Trail
Level 69: ‘Microphone’ Throwable
Level 70: ‘The Detective’ Avatar
Level 71: ‘Ping Pong Paddle’ Throwable
Level 72: ‘Fast Food’ Gravestone
Level 73: ‘Lamp’ Throwable
Level 74: ‘The Undercover Agent’ Hub Title
Level 75: ‘Flames’ Zapper Trail
Level 76: ‘Treasure’ Gravestone
Level 77: ‘Telescope’ Throwable
Level 78: ‘Syd (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 79: ‘Candy Cane’ Throwable
Level 80: ‘Scythe’ Gravestone
Level 81: ‘Teddy Bear’ Throwable
Level 82: ‘Hearts’ Zapper Trail & ‘The Investigator’ Hub Title
Level 83: NO UNLOCK
Level 84: ‘Boombox’ Gravestone
Level 85: ‘Pizza Slice’ Throwable
Level 86: ‘Gold’ Ghost Color
Level 87: ‘Zombie Hand’ Avatar
Level 88: ‘Shuriken’ Throwable
Level 89: ‘Blue’ Ghost Color
Level 90: ‘Magnifying Glass’ Throwable
Level 91: ‘The Assassinator’ Hub Title
Level 92: ‘Sword’ Throwable
Level 93: ‘Red’ Ghost Color
Level 94: ‘Frying Pan’ Throwable
Level 95: 'Dabbing Skeleton Avatar
Level 96: ‘Banana’ Throwable
Level 97: ‘The Mysterious Master’ Hub Title
Level 98: ‘Plunger’ Throwable
Level 99: ‘Pwurpal’ Ghost Color
Level 100: ‘The Police’ Costume

Deathrun (Max Level: 40)

:skull: Deathrun Unlocks :skull:

Level 2: ‘Dimensions’ Runner Cape
Level 3: ‘The Snail’ Hub Title
Level 4: ‘Formal’ Death Skin, ‘Magenta Sparkles’ Runner Trail and ‘Gray Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 5: ‘R.I.P’ Death Marker and ‘Reese (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 7: ‘Mr Worldwide’ Runner Cape
Level 8: ‘Vacation’ Death Skin, ‘Blue Sparkles’ Runner Trail and ‘White Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 9: ‘GG’ Death Marker
Level 10: ‘Love’ Runner Cape and ‘Bay (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 11: ‘Gold Swirls’ Leap Effect and ‘The Runner’ Hub Title
Level 12: ‘Lime Sparkles’ Runner Trail
Level 13: ‘Broken Heart’ Death Marker and ‘Cranium’ Runner Cape
Level 14: ‘Underwear’ Death Skin and ‘Blue Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 15: ‘The Speediest’ Hub Title and ‘Sawyer (Monster)’ Hub Title
Level 16: ‘Sad Times’ Death Marker and ‘Gold Sparkles’ Runner Trail
Level 17: ‘Champion Runner’ Cape and ‘Red Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 18: ‘The Cheetah’ Hub Title
Level 19: ‘Yellow Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 20: ‘Tracksuit’ Death Skin, ‘Red Sparkles’ Runner Trail and ‘Morgan (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 21: ‘Battle Runner’ Cape
Level 22: ‘Alien’ Death Marker
Level 23: ‘Green Swirls’ Leap Effect and ‘The Falcon’ Hub Title
Level 24: ‘Angel Wings’ Death Marker
Level 25: ‘Magenta Swirls’ Leap Effect and ‘x.x’ Avatar
Level 26: ‘Science’ Runner Cape
Level 27: ‘Thunder Cloud’ Leap Effect and ‘The Flash’ Hub Title
Level 28: ‘Robot’ Death Skin
Level 29: ‘Hearts’ Leap Effect
Level 30: ‘Hammer’ Death Marker and ‘Speedy Hedgehog’ Avatar
Level 31: ‘Royal’ Runner Cape and ‘I am speed’ Hub Title
Level 32: ‘Flames’ Leap Effect
Level 33: ‘Swords’ Death Marker
Level 34: ‘Icey Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 35: ‘King’ Death Skin and ‘Gotta Go Fast!’ Hub Title
Level 36: ‘Candy Cane Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 37: ‘Nether Runner’ Cape and ‘Beep Beep’ Avatar
Level 38: ‘Rainbow Swirls’ Leap Effect
Level 39: ‘Skull and Crossbones’ Death Marker and ‘Speed of Light’ Hub Title
Level 40: ‘Death’ Costume

Just Build (Max Level: 20)

:brick: Just Build Unlocks :brick:

Level 2: ‘White Swirls’ Builder Trail
Level 3: ‘The BuilderAvatar
Level 4: ‘The Builder’ Hub Title
Level 5: ‘Gold’ Safety Helmet & ‘Gold Swirls’ Builder Trail
Level 6: ‘The Block Placer’ Hub Title
Level 7: ‘Ruby Leather’ Safety Helmet & ‘Red Swirls’ Builder Trail
Level 8: ‘The Creative’ Hub Title
Level 9: ‘Dog the builderAvatar
Level 10: ‘The Architect’ Hub Title
Level 11: ‘Sapphire Leather’ Safety Helmet & ‘Blue Swirls’ Builder Trail
Level 12: ‘Structural Engineer’ Hub Title
Level 13: ‘OctobuilderAvatar
Level 14: ‘I build good’ Hub Title
Level 15: ‘Emerald Leather’ Safety Helmet & ‘Green Swirls’ Builder Trail & ‘Creative CatAvatar
Level 16: ‘Just Build lol’ Hub Title
Level 17: ‘Amethyst Leather’ Safety Helmet & ‘Purple Swirls’ Builder Trail
Level 18: ‘Master Builder’ Hub Title
Level 19: ‘Diamond’ Safety Helmet & ‘Aqua Swirls’ Builder Trail & ‘Panda BuilderAvatar
Level 20: ‘Rob the builder’ Costume

LTM Games


Thank You to the following people below, for helping me with this topic:

@xBrogamerzx - All of Treasure Wars
@Rechenheft - All of Murder Mystery and Just Build
@iGaboDabo - All of Deathrun and Hide and Seek


Level 26: ‘KnockBack Nemo’ Hub Title


39: Floating Island Spawn Vehicle
46: Star Speeder Spawn Vehicle
53: Sorcery Spawn Vehicle
60: Ghastly Spawn Vehicle
67: Big Cat Spawn Vehicle
74: Solar Orbit Spawn Vehicle


37: null and void kill phrase


Are you just doing skywars or are you doing other games too?

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All the other games, but I am starting with SkyWars. It would get EXTREMELY chaotic if I started with all of them, at once. I will do the others eventually though, after SW.

I think at lvl 8, is the money flag cosmetic for the island flag

feel free to correct me if I am wrong

actually I am just going to copy and paste all unlocks
The Sky Warrior - Awarded for reaching level 4.

Champion of the Sky - Awarded for reaching level 7.

Cloud Croissant - Awarded for reaching level 10.

Sky High - Awarded for reaching level 15.

Floaty Floaty - Awarded for reaching level 20.

Knockback Nemo - Awarded for reaching level 26.

The Epic Gamer - Awarded for reaching level 32.

SkyWars Master - Awarded for reaching level 39.

Zeus - Awarded for reaching level 45.

Skylord - Awarded for reaching level 52.

The sky’s the limit! - Awarded for reaching level 59.

Void Avoider - Awarded for reaching level 63.

GG! - Awarded for reaching level 66.

nice. - Awarded for reaching level 69.

feelsbadman - Awarded for reaching level 73.

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Null and void is a kill phrase not a title although that would be cool

Level 69: ‘nice.’ hub title


2: cat flag
3: red swirls projectile trail
5: won the battle kill phrase
8: money spawn vehicle
9: ended game kill phrase
11: drone spawn vehicle
12: blue swirls projectile trail
13: green swirls projectile trail
14: star flag
15: flying pig spawn vehicle
16: pirate flag
17: said goodbye kill phrase
18: magic carpet spawn vehicle
19: sun flag
20: purple swirls projectile trail

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Great idea, here’s all of DeathRun, so you can add to the list!

DeathRun (Max: 40)

Level 1: Pin death marker and Default Death Skin
Level 2: Dimensions runner cape
Level 3: The Snail Hub Title
Level 4: Formal Death Skin, Magenta Sparkles runner trail and Gray Swirls leap effect
Level 5: R.I.P death marker and Reese (Monster) Avatar
Level 6:
Level 7: Mr Worldwide runner cape
Level 8: Vacation Death Skin, Blue Sparkles runner trail and White Swirls leap effect
Level 9: GG death marker
Level 10: Love runner cape and Bay (Monster) Avatar
Level 11: Gold Swirls leap effect and The Runner Hub Title
Level 12: Lime sparkles runner trail
Level 13: Broken Heart death marker and Cranium runner cape
Level 14: Underwear Death Skin and Blue Swirls leap effect
Level 15: The Speediest Hub Title and Sawyer (Monster) Hub Title
Level 16: Sad Times death marker and Gold Sparkles runner trail
Level 17: Champion runner cape and Red Swirls leap effect
Level 18: The Cheetah Hub Title
Level 19: Yellow Swirls leap effect
Level 20: Tracksuit Death Skin, Red Sparkles runner trail and Morgan (Monster) Avatar
Level 21: Battle runner cape
Level 22: Alien death marker
Level 23: Green Swirls leap effect and The Falcon Hub Title
Level 24: Angel Wings death marker
Level 25: Magenta Swirls leap effect and x.x Avatar
Level 26: Science runner cape
Level 27: Thunder Cloud leap effect and The Flash hub title
Level 28: Robot Death Skin
Level 29: Hearts leap effect
Level 30: Hammer death marker and Speedy Hedgehog Avatar
Level 31: Royal runner cape and I am speed Hub Title
Level 32: Flames leap effect
Level 33: Swords death marker
Level 34: Icey Swirls leap effect
Level 35: King Death Skin and Gotta Go Fast! Hub title
Level 36: Candy Cane Swirls leap effect
Level 37: Nether runner cape and Beep Beep Avatar
Level 38: Rainbow Swirls leap effect
Level 39: Skull and Crossbones death marker and Speed of Light Hub Title
Level 40: DeathRun NPC as a costume

That took a while to make…
I think I missed some in level 6, let me look into that, because I couldn’t find any cosmetics with it
I’ll maybe help you add images later!


Thanks! You guys are saving me Soooo much time!

level 6 doesn’t have a reward


Hide and seek unlocks: Hub unlocks


lvl 5: Riley
lvl 8: Max
lvl 13: Dana
lvl 19: Phoneix
lvl 25: Hiddin Doggo
lvl 32: cat detective
lvl 39 pekaboo
lvl 45 found you


The Short Sighted - Awarded for reaching level 3.
The Sneaky - Awarded for reaching level 8.
The Mysterious - Awarded for reaching level 12.
The Escapist - Awarded for reaching level 16.
Peekaboo! - Awarded for reaching level 24.
The Chase IS ON - Awarded for reaching level 29.
Waldo - Awarded for reaching level 35.
Leaf me alone. - Awarded for reaching level 41.
Sneaky Beaky - Awarded for reaching level 46.


lvl 50: Ultimate hider

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Should I add spaces between each level?

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Survival games unlocks: Hub unlocks

lvl 4: Jesse
lvl 8: Charlie
lvl 14 River
lvl 21: supply drop
lvl 24: mmm milk
lvl 26 Game over

The Hungry - Awarded for reaching level 7.
The Hoarder - Awarded for reaching level 10.
The Survivalist - Awarded for reaching level 17.
The Slayer - Awarded for reaching level 23.
The Survival Master - Awarded for reaching level 29.

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I got some stuff for SG

Survival Games

Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4: ‘Jesse (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7: ‘The Hungry’ Hub title
Level 8: ‘Charlie (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 9:
Level 10: ‘The Hoarder’ Hub Title
Level 11: ‘Trash Can’ Spawn Pedestal
Level 12: ‘The Dabber’ Kill phrase
Level 13: ‘Flames’ Arrow Trail
Level 14: ‘River (Monster)’ Avatar
Level 15: ‘Surfboard’ Spawn Pedestal

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also at level 16 sw pixel fighter is an avatar, not a hubtitle :)

should we also include the hub unlocks from the LTMs?


Yes, I was going to add them after I had done the main games though.

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I just realised that the LTMs come in 3 years, so I am only including this year’s hub unlocks only

Ghost Invasion


-lvl 2: Possessed pumpkin
-lvl 6: Spooky Ghost
-lvl 14 Dead rising
-lvl 18 Skully


Phasmophobia - Awarded for reaching level 4 in Ghost Invasion during Halloween 2021.
That’s the spirit! - Awarded for reaching level 8 in Ghost Invasion during Halloween 2021.
Ghostbuster - Awarded for reaching level 15 in Ghost Invasion during Halloween 2021.
Un-BOO-lievable! - Awarded for reaching level 20 in Ghost Invasion during Halloween 2021.

Block Drop

-lvl 4 Slippery
lvl 14 burger run


YA YEET! - Awarded for reaching level 6 in Block Drop during Spring 2021.
AHHH - Awarded for reaching level 11 in Block Drop during Spring 2021.
AHHHHHH - Awarded for reaching level 17 in Block Drop during Spring 2021.
AHHHHHHHHH - Awarded for reaching level 24 in Block Drop during Spring 2021.

Snow wars


The Baller - Awarded for reaching level 2.
Snow Big Deal - Awarded for reaching level 4.
FREEZE! - Awarded for reaching level 6.
License To Chill - Awarded for reaching level 8.