Hive Forum Suggestion - LTM Category


Adding a LTM or a Seasonal Games Category to the Games and Suggestions Topics

More information:

Basically just adding a Category for people to discuss about Seasonal and LTM games. This is a small change that would be a good idea to implement to the forums. Adding a Category for every LTM seems a bit much but a category for the LTM minigames would be fine


Good idea!
Make sure to vote for your own suggestion to show you really want it as well!

Honestly, this is something that I would highly consider although there already is just a default “Suggestions” and “Games” category. I tried to decide a section for the What do you think about Block Drop? category. But, I had to just stick with default games and I shouldn’t have to do that. When I’m discussing games, I should always have a specific category for the game(s) I’m talking about unless it’s all of the games and in that case, I would just select the default “Games” category.

Honestly, really good suggestion. I really hope the Hive considers this for a future update.

I hope so. It’s a small feature, that would make a big change. Thanks!

Bump because this post NEEDS attention

Agree lad. Just idk if it would be better to have a LTM category or category for every LTM minigame like Snow Wars, Block Drop, Ghost Invasion and Ground Wars. I feel like a category for each LTM is better but that’s just my opinion.