Hive Forum Rules

The Hive rules are based on common sense and fairness. This page documents the most common rules and is not intended to be a full and final list of every existing rule and possible case. The staff team reserves the right to judge each case individually and punish or forgive at their discretion.

General Forum Rules :cubee:


  • Our forums are a place where everybody is welcome, please keep all comments respectful.

  • No swearing, or offensive/inappropriate content.

  • No discrimination of any kind - we have zero-tolerance for hate speech.

  • No overly political or religious topics.

  • No spamming or unnecessary usage of caps or emotes.

  • Trolling, abuse, derailing, flaming, provocation, or arguing is not allowed.

  • Do not advertise other servers outside the domain/aid of The Hive.

  • NEVER post strange or malicious links of which we cannot verify the safety.

  • Don’t share specific personal information, such as age, location, your place of education or work. Trivial information, such as height, is fine.


  • Do not bump posts excessively (more than once every 72 hours), and only bump a post when you have something useful to bring to the discussion.

  • Do not necro-post (this means replying to an old thread that needs no further discussion)

  • Do not double-post. This rule doesn’t apply if you are using the reply feature to individually reply to a user’s posts.

  • Do not post threads or posts exclusively to increase your post count.

  • Make all your posts count. Irrelevant posts should be kept off the forums.

  • Don’t exploit formatting code or use ‘invisible text’ to bypass the minimum character requirement when posting. If your post is less than 10 characters, please consider the rule above.

  • Don’t comment on issues surrounding punishments (whether that be your own or somebody else’s). If you have something of value to say about someone else’s ban, please contact a member of staff privately, don’t spread it on the forums.

  • Do not create alt accounts. This includes creating alt accounts to avoid bans, like-boost, or troll alt accounts.

  • If you come across a post or reply that violates our rules, simply flag the post so a member of staff can review it. Please DO NOT try to enforce the rules yourself by replying.

  • Off-topic discussion is allowed in the off-topic section, but this should be limited to the topic in the original thread. General off-topic chatter should be kept off of the forums.

Section-Specific Rules :cubee:


  • Please read this post before submitting a suggestion.

  • Suggestions must be relative, realistic, and implementable. No overpowered, copyrighted things.

  • Negative feedback IS allowed, as long as it’s constructive.

  • Adding comments to old threads in this section is allowed, as long as the comment adds something valuable to the discussion.

  • Please limit your suggestions to one per thread, so that we know which ideas are being voted for.

Bug Reporting

  • Please read this post before submitting a bug report.

  • Title your bug report with a short summary of the bug.

  • Please only report in-game bugs, connection issues, or map issues.

  • Please only report map issues that affect gameplay.

  • Don’t post FPS/ping lag issues, because 99% of those are client/ISP-side caused.

  • Unless the bug can be exploited, please try to describe HOW to reproduce the bug - videos are extremely helpful!

  • Read before posting. Many bug reports have been reported already.

  • Post all info you can provide!

  • If you have any questions about bugs, or need to report a sensitive issue (such as an exploit), please contact @Splodg3r via private message or email ([email protected]).

Other Rules :cubee:

Do not post threads flaming or criticizing staff. If you have an issue with how a member of staff has handled something or with a decision they have made, contact our staff manager, @Hlzyzptlk via private message or email ([email protected]) and provide evidence.

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