Hive fix your hit reg

How to get rid of hit reg in the hive (I can’t 1 cps combo becuz of a thing called “hit reg”) idk if u guys know what’s hit reg but if you know then tell me how do i fix it i rlly wanna do 1 cps combo becuz my friend told me that it’s very cool so pls how do i fix this.

the only thing i know that effects hit reg is ur internet, or ur ping


me who have 25 ping on hive asia: [visible confuse]

I was 1 cpsing all throughout yesterday on Hive.
I have like 20 ping fyi, and it was fine.
sometimes it isn’t but tbh it’s probably just your aim and distancing


can lower fov helps me aim

yeah and nah

fov is totally preferential, but if you’re a beginner (which you seem like) then yeah go ahead and 70.
but, people using 70 fov and people using 107 alter on fov can have equally perfect aim lol.

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I use the default fov and 12 sense on 600 dpi or 800 i dont remember

Kinda off topic, but learn how to combo first before you do 1 cps

what do u mean off topic bruh u can’t 1 cps correctly if there is a hit reg

Do you know what hit reg is?

ur hits don’t register

To my knowledge, it means “hit registration”, not “no hit registration”

It does literally mean

But people say hit reg to complain about not getting hit reg


Hit registration on Asia is fine it’s probably your connection or whoever you’re playing with is laggy

I’ve faced no problem with 1cps on hive in Jan