Hive drawings by Purzy

What do u guys think I should do next?

Also can people actually answer this time pls…

They did last time lol
2-3 people
depends on how you count it


Maybe something based on a game like skywars or deathrun

What about the Baby Dragon or Spldg3er?


Oops I didn’t see those!

Do u have an idea?

Also do u guys like this glitch effect better than the last one?
Do u like it when there’s more lines basically?

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Hey guys sorry I didn’t do a drawing this week I was super busy.

I’ll do one next week tho.

Wow cool drawings :+1:

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these are INCREDIBLE!!

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Cool good job :boombox:

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You made Clankstar look young, he’s missing some teeth.

Also Great Job! :clap:

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