Hive Discord problem. help pls

So my old discord account I used to join the hive discord server is broken and now I can’t join

How can I message in discord again with the new account and remove the old one from the server? I messaged a mod about it already.

edit: I can chat on the server now, Thanks to everyone who helped.

Idk anything about discord but I do know that this needs to be in #help-me

If you no longer have access to your old account, you will have to email [email protected] about it. They will be able to manually set your role and nick on the new account.

If you are simply just needing to relink your old account to a new account, you can message “The Hive” bot with the work unlink. From there, you can relink again with you’re new account with the /discord command repeating the linking process.

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Thanks, I will try to do this.
edit: I sent the bot /unlink but it said it wasn’t 6 characters long. When I sent the code it just said that iatebananasteve is still linked to the old account but I did email [email protected].

I can’t chat in the server…

In that case, support will get to you as soon as possible and provide assistance.

(They were referring to this topic and how it should be in #help-me, I’ve changed it for you so no worries)

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thanks again

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hewo i have the same issue
support will ask u to send proof ur in the discord server with new the account and that you own the microsoft account (pause menu picture with your gamertag should suffice). this will repeat everytime you leave the server/ use a new account

sadly they told me there isnt a way to delete the old account
your roles will be manual so if you boost the server, you will have to email them again to receive the costume prize.

hope this helped, it’s just extra information on what azzerxy said but it helped me a lot when i had the same problem