Hive custom capes

but we only have two capes


I like having my own capes. I don’t want this. But of course that’s just my opinion.

You can get custom capes. Idk how, but you can.

but hive don’t allow them your skin will be a yellow Steve people may use inappropriate custom capes


But not all are custom capes. And I’ve seen people with custom capes on.

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but that are screen shots on them you won’t notice that your a yellow Steve

I play on a switch so i cant have custom capes… i don’t really know about it.
That’s just what I think

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okay but I want hive YouTubers to have custom capes like java

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you can probably have custom capes on hive if this gets added

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I think they mean like the Hive makes custom capes you can use in the Hub and stuff

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I mean like a cape that works on all games

Oh, yeah nvm.

There are only a few capes, Minecon 2019 which isn’t available, Pancape, The ones from the Minecon pack on console, a few skin pack mashups have capes with them

I’m not sure how to get custom capes but there are ways on android unless you jailbreak your Iphone but that’s risky

If you want capes then go to Death run



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Actually you can get custom capes on android and win10. I dont think there is need for hive to add custom capes tbh.


If you’re referring to the Bionic Benz method then it’s really complex and most people can’t do it

I have tried this and it was really complex for me, being someone who isn’t really good at extracting .zip files.

Other than that, there is a way to get custom capes on the Hive server. Selecting DR capes and then going to another gamemode or hub keeps the DR cape on you. This would also promote players to play DR because you need to play the gamemode to get levels and by that get new cape unlocks.

So yeah, I don’t see why this should be a feature.

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Hi hive! I would love a custom cape, I do have a cape but it is not as cool as the hive cape would be! All im asking is for a custom cape. Thx bye!

Look Up “Ry’s Cape Commissions!” In the search bar here on the Forums!
Ryannio Is doing Custom Capes!

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Theres a way to get your own custom cape that work on any server. there’s multiple on youtube. you can look up “custom capes mcpe” and the first one is a tutorial.

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hello there :wave:
Thanks for suggesting, I would like to clear somethings up,

  • The youtubers on Java have a custom cape made by the clients like Badlion or Lunar and not the server themselves.
  • The 2 capes available in the Marketplace are not made by us but a creation of Minecraft.
  • We do support custom capes but only if its a regular cape and not the one with different dimensions or shapes (if you have any such capes then you’ll become a yellow steve also inappropriate capes are not allowed)

  • Unfortunately, we cannot sell/ or distribute capes since it will violate the Terms and Conditions laid by Minecraft for Partnered servers. Source link;- Mojang Studios Account

I hope that answers most of the doubts that were rolling around :sweat: