Hive Conspiracy Theories

Almost every I will make a conspiracy theory about the hive/ hive forums

All of them will be jokes so don’t take it to seriously.

Hope you like this and you can make your own in this thread too!


Yes I did quote this from LOTPW I’m to lazy to do a new one.

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This is going to be a cool topic

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Cap. This is gonna be good

Conspiracy: Mari and Meri and siblings

There’s some truth to this ngl

wanna hire me as a lawyer?
ill prove that ur not an alt.

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You seem trustworthy enough :face_with_monocle:

I mean… i can end it now…
but i wanna dig deeper tbh.

ok ok

(i was in class)

mari’s stats.


for mari. half an hour everyday (on average)
for meri. its 7 HOURS EVERYDAY…
simple terms its hard to keep those stats… :slight_smile:

i dont think you realize how hard it is, to have multiple accounts and being active in multiple of them without slipping at least once.

mari has mentioned that mari is her bestie, so it wouldnt be out of the world for them to have similar names… my friend and i have very very similar names online…

mari has never stated that her name was mari, as far as i know…

i mean they both talk so differently… they have different drawing styles and weird ara ara noises… very very different…

im in class rnnnn so… i hope that’s enough to convince you.
if it isnt thennnn…

ughh this is so not professional … again im in class so i cant have all my thoughts put into this…

mari is a made up character tho…
idk how to explain it, but she isnt what she actually is…


the hive isn’t a Minecraft server.
It is simply… a server.


wow another alt theory /s

Hive Conspiracy Theory #2

It was confirmed in one of Mystery’s streams that Hudson is his dog but, how can he understand English and type? I asked Mystery but he just said it was a trick that he taught Hudson. My theory is that Hudson is from a different planet with shape shifting animals! Whenever he goes on the forums he turns into a dog with fingers (which is kind of disturbing if you think about it.) Finally, I have a question: @HudsonDog59 are there any more of you on this planet and if so who?


Yes it’s @BreadInu

I’m also from that planet, there’s food there, normally I’m an apple, but when I would like to play Minecraft or type I form a body (yes its weird). That’s what’s ‘twisted’ about me.


Does that mean @ItzRoyalToast is too?

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Maybe, Maybe Not :eyes:

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Toast isn’t a dog

‘Any more of you’ doesn’t specify as for only being a dog, decoys probably referred to non-humans in this case.

Toast isn’t a dog
That how you know he isn’t a shape shifter

Who told you toasts can’t shape shift.