Hive Bedrock SkyWars

As most of you know, the Hive is releasing SkyWars soon!

It has been stated that bedrock’s SkyWars will be the same (Or at least very similar…) to Java Edition’s SkyWars. Since a good number of you don’t know what that is or how it works since you don’t have access to/don’t play Java Edition, I have decided to make an uncut video of some SkyWars gameplay from Java Edition.

Also, sorry that the bottom of the screen is cut off, I’m not the best at Streamlabs OBS… EDIT: of course after I finish recording I figure out how to stop the bottom from being cut off…
Video starts at 2:28.

thumbnail timestamp pls

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for my experience, it was crashing, ok seriously you mine the ores and you get crap out of it that will be good or some will give bad effects to you.

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I can’t believe it, lord kPin has arrived!

I also think it is kinda key to remember that they made TW alot different than Hive bedwars, but we will only know once it is released

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like i said in the past the game has appeal to most play styles, and you do realize that means that it can go fast paced and slow paced, also this is bedrock you can bridge very fast on this, so that meaning you can do things fast too. also this game has to be unique for originality i want this game to be like the java skywars, also have you not considered to play other servers like cubecraft for their skywars honestly you gotta get some type of variety.

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Nobody cares about originality!!! We want a fast-paced skywars gamemode that similar to hypixel, cubecraft, hyperlands, etc. You know why these servers get so many players on skywars? Because they are actually enjoyable to play! Once they come out with this java-like gamemode, you will see how boring it will be. The reason we can’t just play cubecraft skywars is because cubecraft is laggy and is based in europe, meaning NA are basically screwed if they want to play good skywars. I just don’t want hive to waste this opportunity I have been waiting on for 8 months.


i don’t really want the same thing to happen with tw on skywars because i’ve honestly was tired of fast as heck people.


agree, make the islands way closer and just a loot then fight type of game.

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make a thread


I probably will along with a youtube video.

Let’s try to keep this thread positive and on-topic and not turn it into a rant about how ”god-awful” this game is. We should be happy that we are getting a new game. The Hive team puts in a lot of effort to everything that they work on. I didn’t make this thread as a proposal to argue, but as an informative way to show the community how the upcoming game will be like. Please do not post replies that attack this game because you don’t like it. The Hive does not make content specifically for dedicated PvP ”tryhard” players and everyone needs to respect that. There are players who don’t need to get 1,000 wins in a month in a fast-paced game that lasts under 3 minutes. Number one rule, don’t be toxic like most of these types of players. If you don’t like this game, fine, but do not clutter this post with replies that hate on this game. Heck, it’s literally not even released yet. So calm down, keep your feelings to yourself, and enjoy this amazing server and it’s incredible games. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Just move over here to GMT smh smh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Locking this at thread owner’s request. :+1:t2:

In the future, let’s try to keep things civil and make sure feedback is constructive!