Highlighting dead teammates in chat

Ok so I wanted to lock the other one cuz someone got me confused (don’t worry tho :wink:) I meant the teammates name being green in chat not when they r alive. (And I literally just checked to watch my rando teammate die to see if their name in chat was green it wasn’t). Sorry @Hlzyzptlk !

This makes a lot more sense now, I would be happy for the team to add something similar to this, along with the names also being coloured down the player list.


Ooh true. I know in spectator mode, teams have there name colored (as long as my memory serves me right) instead of district number so they already have the colors they would just have to put it in the player list


what if someone in lime team dies
:whispers: what about hive+

Hive + isn’t shown on the kill feed rn so maybe just put a [+] next to their name? Or just leave it be because hive + isn’t recognized in the kill feed (and I don’t think in spectator mode either)

oh yeah my bad lol… ohh nooo i didnt see the time

you can tell when someone is dead in tw because their color is no longer in front of their name

no one knows this but ive known for a long time

lol i knew that aldready

Only OGs will remember when no one had the team color next to their name in treasure wars.

anyway uh in SG it doesn’t show team color in chat so idk what was the point of you saying that.