High ping on all servers

has anyone else been experiencing high ping lately or is it just me.
I usually get 90-110 on the hive, galaxite, and cubecraft
but now i get 125-140

I ussually have around 50-60…I haven’t had any affect. Maybe try swittching regions

My ping has decreased lately :thinking:

I used to get 20-30, now I rarely get 15+


Me with 200-250 ping average because my wifi is finicky…

Please ignore when it said wife instead of WiFi I don’t have a wife I promise

I havent noticed anything, i still get 30-40ms.

If you’re using Spectrum/Charter as your internet service provider, they’ve been having bad ping results lately. It doesn’t seem like they’re planning on fixing it any time soon. If Spectrum has a chance to get away with doing the bare minimum, they will. So yeah if you’re using spectrum, I’m sorry.

As previously stated, it is most likely an issue with your ISP (Internet service provider); unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it; you can just wait a few days till they resolve the issue on their side.