Hider looked like wool after the game finished

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Hide and Seek (China Town)

What is the bug?
The time was up and the game ended.
All people got their minecraft skins back, except from one hider who stayed as white wool block.
In the waiting room, before the next game sarted I couldn’t saw the wool anymore.

I saw this bug like this for the first time.

I also reportet a (maybe) quite simular bug already where a seeker had a block-body: Seeker with block-body in Hide and Seek

Screenshots and/or video:

(The person who stucked in the ground in the waiting room was the seeker. He was afk and glitched into the glass pane, but that’s not nessensary for this report)


Thanks for reporting this. We’ve determined that this is a very rare and minor bug that doesn’t have any real impact on gameplay. For these reasons, we may look into fixing it in the future however right now we’re going to leave it.