Hide & Seek : discovered how some players become stone block

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Hide & Seek

What is the bug?
The player becomes hiding as a stone block if he/she comes in a game room, during the timer when players normally choose a block to hide with :sunglasses:

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Thank you for creating a bug report. Can you give us some more details about how this issue can be reproduced? What exactly do you mean by entering the game room, and how can a player do this?

I assume it would be if the game isn’t full and join a friend or if it just lets you join normally while people are choosing their block

I did not understand this bug report, do you see them as another block and then they become an stone block in a different game event ? If so, this is likely an visual/client bug.

Like @BlueSlimeMC said :smiley: It’s when you enter in a Hide & Seek game lobby, either by /friend, tapping lobby HS statue, or with the game selector compass. If the players waiting are already in the process of choosing a block, and the player who enter at that moment doesn’t choose a block, he/she will become a stone block by default.

Hey there,

I’ve tried to reproduce this quite a lot and that doesn’t seem to be the cause of this issue. If you attempt to join when the game is in warm-up (whilst players are choosing their blocks), it won’t allow you to do so.

If you manage to join just prior to warm-up starting, you will sometimes get stuck in the lobby, and not get teleported into the game.

If you can shed some more light on how you manage to reproduce this issue, please feel free to. For now though, I am marking this as closed.