Hide n seek glitch, seeker can kill before the game start (Goldrush)

region asia, windows 10, latest version, Seeker can kill before the game start in Hide & Seek (Goldrush) splodger said this glitch has been fixed, but I tried it and the glitch still work

Can you please provide a video showing where you can escape the seeker spawn room?


if you destroy this block, you can escape

this is a video proof that the glitch is still working

maybe there are other blocks that when destroyed will make us free to escape

my advice:

  • make the seeker unable to destroy any block before the game starts
  • or surround the seeker’s spawn with a barrier

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Thank you for the video.

It appears that the patched map did not get rolled out, it will be rolled out soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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This issue has been fixed :tada: