Hide and seek update?

will we see an update for hide and seek soon? id love to get more unlocks and maybe some new taunts? the maps are plenty good as of now, though some can be boring at times


Great idea! I would love to get a new update for both Hide and Seek and DeathRun that adds more levels and cosmetics.

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I would love to see new update, because the regular hide and seek is getting kinda old, also a taunt idea: unicorn, because why not.

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of course. unicorns make everything better


I have an idea! Having the ability to change block in-game like in Mineplex

That wouldn’t really work, because the hive wants to keep things original.

:man_facepalming: wot the heck

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If they add levels like level 200 to HNS, I will be the sweatiest AFKer there. Fear me.

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^ Nou I will be the sweatiest afker, I’ll do it 25/7