Hide and Seek Shop

Hey , here my idea : make a hide and seek shop for seekers and hiders.
(first please make more levels)
-Hiders can buy new taunts like if you’re level 20+ you can buy new taunts that make more points than the other taunts but they are bigger and more visible for the seekers. :
For seekers I suggest that they can upgrade their armor like :
Level 20+ : Leather Leggings
Level 22+ : Leather Chestplate
Level 25+ : Chain leggings
Level 28+ : Chain chestplate
Level 30+ : Iron sword
I dont think this idea will be accepted but that would make some new levels and a better chance to the seekers to win the game ! :smile:


I think, it’s good idea.


Armour thing might be a bit unfair for low levels and the taunts need to be improved because you can literally do the most obvious taunts in front of people and they won’t even notice you.