Hide and seek seeker wall climb

Hide and seek in all regions and any map
(I have no idea if this has been fixed or if it’s a duplicate suggestion) so in hide and seek when the seeker has the blocks after 3 minutes they can place them but they disappear but there is a very small time frame where the block is still there and it has a hit box so if they go up against any wall they can jump and place it on the block on the wall under the player then they jump place it and keep going and that lets the player rise up even above walls and get out the map

This works on all versions and needs to be fixed

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Can you possible provide a video of this?


I know what he means, unfortunately due to school rn I can’t post a video. If no one’s posted a video, I will do it around 3 hours…

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Sorry for the double post, but @JakeyBoisy is this what you mean? Also at the start of the video, Idk if that spot is supposed to be accessible. Skip to:41 seconds btw for the glitch I think he is talking about

Hide & Seek glitch?? - YouTube


So you jump, place a block on the wall, then jump on that block before it disapears and repeat that to climb walls.

I would like to see this fixed, but I am willing to have it stay if it may be too difficult to fix it if there are other problems when trying to fix it.

Yes I can provide video but I can’t atm it’s 11:06 pm for me but I can make video first thing in the morning

It’s sort of what the bug is

I wasn’t able to climb wall though, you might have to record it yourself

Welp I have a video but its not authorized

https://youtu.be/UnJPew5ookM Here this is a very dangerous bug I was gonna do it in a cs but the game just ended immediately also this can be done in many maps

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