Hide and Seek - Seeker Texture Bug

It affects Seekers in Hide and Seek, on all maps as far as I can tell.

In Hide and Seek, if a seeker can’t find any hiders, after a bit, a random person will die and join them. The bug with this is that when the person who was chosen as a new seeker spawns in, they often still look just like their block costume, with cosmetics, but wearing armor.

I play on IOS, and my friend PadsCloud has confirmed noticing this on PC as well

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

We are aware of this issue but are still having trouble being able to to reliably reproduce it.

If anyone has any helpful information regarding this issue, please let us know.


Something else that I’ve noticed is that the bug doesn’t show up on my end, but I appear as a block on their end.

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We’re still unable to reproduce this reliably.

If anyone has more information it would be incredibly helpful!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: