Hi this is my 2nd post and i like sg

hi i play on my xbox account HEAVYWEIGT405 i like sg lol

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Welcome to the forums c:

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Welcome to the forums!

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:wave: Welcome to the Forums! :wave:

I would most recommend posting this in #survival-games

First, welcome to the forums, @WovenGeoduck765 !

Also no this is perfectly fine, the person is just saying what they like but it’s still an intro post, so this belongs here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Welcome to the forums! I like SG as well, it’s the game I’m currently playing the most often! Hope to see you sometime! :blobheart:

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Welcome to the hive forums, I also like sg

WeLcOmE To hIvE fOruMs
Sg is cool, I agree


Welcome to the forums :) :yellow_heart:

stole this image

oh no you broke the law lol


Welcome! Here have a kiwi🥝