Hi I’m New! Please Help!

I wanted to ask- are there any main rules or Hive etiquette that I should use when posting?


Hi welcome to the forums!
These are the forums rules:Hive Forum Rules


Thanks! That really helps me!

Hey there! In future make sure to adhere to a category’s purpose

This topic should be in…
#help-me - ask any questions you have regarding the hive server or any of it’s platforms

(#suggestions - is for suggesting stuff the hive should add or change regarding the server and it’s platforms (discord, forums etc.))

Welcome to the forums :beedance: if you have any questions, feel free to leave your questions in #help-me :smile:


Heya! Give this a look and you’ll immediately get promoted!!

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Here is a guide to text formating such as making letters small or big Click me

Hello B3isonYT,

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
Everyone has already given you the links to really useful information, so I guess all I’ll say is have fun and be friendly. Here’s a penguin for you :penguin: