Helper Application

So I am just wondering, because I am not of age requirements for Hive Helper yet, I was thinking of maybe applying on a different server and getting some experience and being a helper or mod for a while (Until I am 15)
But if I do that am I allowed to leave there server and come join the Hive team, like can I be accepted as a Hive helper if I have been a helper/moderator role on a different featured server?
Anyways hopefully someone knows :beedance:
Beece out :v:

You can, but if you want to apply as a helper on the Hive you’re not allowed to have a similar role on another server: The Hive - Helper Application FAQ

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Yah I know I would have to leave the other servers helper role but I was wondering if I did would they want me as a helper if I had done it no another server

You are of course allowed to have experience, but at the time of applying you cannot be a staff member on another server as per the helper requirements.


Ok Thank you for replying :beedance:

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I applied over a year ago or almost now with no response. Does that mean im not accepted?

If you do not receive a response, please check the list above before re-applying.

The FAQ answer your question. If you have follow up questions they are likely on the website if not feel free to ask.