Helper Ads

With Lots Of Helpers Resigning Including Sage Which Some People Said They Resigned I Think To Get More Staff It Would Be Good To Put Out A Message In Chat Every 15 Mins Telling People About How To Apply For Helper And Some Requirements This Would Most Likely Boost Hives Staff List Which Would Bring Lots More Stuff To The Hive!


Hello! Thank you for making a suggestion, however, there already is a message that appears in chat every so often that has the link to the helper application. While I’m glad you’re excited about new content for the Hive, do note that it’s not helpers nor moderators who create and contribute to updates for the Hive, but the paid Hive Team members who do such things. Additionally, you can always view the current list of staff members here, as the staff member you are referring to is just on a break: Hive Staff Roster

Thank you again for your suggestion! :blobheart: