Help plz hive

So am ban okay But Plz I wanna see how hive hub look now like last time sonic Event I couldn’t log in my account on mcpe so now I am banned unban me for 2 days I wanna see how hive looks like no I will nat use hacks too just 2 days then ban for 1 whole week the week is left!

go watch it in some youtubers video…

Hey Samepanna,
There isn’t a way you can be unbanned for two days if your ban was justified. However if you weren’t hacking you can make a ban appeal. (find more information here).

I recommend watching some youtube videos to see the recent event as MumbaichaCraft said.


Search up hive updates on youtube and you can see the hub and the updates

If you were hacing its good that you got banned.


Hey there :wave:

If you wish to appeal a punishment, please follow the instructions here:

Please note that if the punishment was valid, it will not be undone.