Help on reporting

Hello so I am pretty new to this stuff, along with how to report on the discord server. Can someone guide me through how to report.

I want this person for verbal abuse (also known as being toxic), along with target, cross teamed a few times.
I’m very sorry to interrupt.

it should be in pinned messages, but to save you a few seconds, I’ll give you the format myself

Gamertag: [put the cheater(s)’ gamertag here]
Rule(s) Broken: [put the rule that the cheater(s) broke here]
Region: [NA (North America), EU (Europe), AS (Asia)]
Comment: [put any proof/evidence of this hacker doing what they were doing. I would highly recommend putting the replay id here, as that is the best and easiest evidence you can give. to get the replay id, simply type /replay in chat or /recentreplays]

have a great day! also, do it in the report players channel

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To report people, you simply go to the report players channel, and copy+paste the pinned format (I’ll leave it below) you just C+P it and fill it out. *Note: for reigon, you put NA, EU, or AS

Rule(s) Broken

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