Help Me Make a Clan

Hey! I Was Wondering if Someone Would Like to Make a Skywars Can With Me!
I Couldn’t make a Clan By My Own, Because i Knew i Wouldn’t Be Able Get People To Join.
I Hope You Are interested on Making a clan with me. (If You Are Feel Free to Say Your Discord on The Comments, We Will Discuss Everything on Discord Dm’s)
About Me:
ign: BoredZzs
Discord: BoredZzs#4903
main Game: Skywars
Level: 16
Region: Asia

Hope it goes well, but I personally am only going to join a clan/group when swarms release, gl tho


No Problem ill Look For Other People Who is Interested :grinning: .Good luck With Joining a Good Clan For Swarms Too

this should be a clans and groups thread

yea im new to the forums, i only made an acc but never make any threads lol

I Like How You Kept Using Capital Letters.


lol Its Been A Habit,i Just Cant Stop Pressing the Shift Button lmao

clans are more work than they’re worth


I got into that for a little while in the GD Discord back in 2019 and a lot of people asked if I was okay

Well Maybe, Maybe not

well turns out u are ok

take it from a former leader of Tide Clan and also Clan Bee, its stress and pain for people who don’t appreciate it and are toxic in return.


Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 4.34.47 PM

Took me a while to find this