Help me i keep getting steve glitch

Please help me I’m very urgent to get rid of this glitch its where everything that is custom (skins models etc) are Steves sometimes its a giant Steve sometimes its a small Steve.
I’ve been searching on the web and Youtube for ages (like 2 months) and I could not find a answer when I did it didn’t work please i need help.

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Yea it also happens to me, this is a network problem So make sure you have a good connection :wink:

Hey, welcome! :wave: It might be an issue with one of your resource packs. Try disabling them all and see if it fixes it. :+1:

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I had The same problem, I first tried disabling my recourse pack but it didn’t work, I tried checking my connection It worked

ps Woozie told me that it’s a network problem

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Hmm, it may be. @XDiseasedBat make sure you’ve tried all of these :+1:

  1. Try restarting your device
  2. Try disabling some resource packs
  3. Try restarting your game
  4. Try disconnecting and reconnecting from your WiFi network

Exactly. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I get the steve glitch all the time and there is always a solution! It seems like you have 4gb of RAM/memory because you have your settings pretty low so try doing this tutorial and see if it changes. If you have more than 4gb of RAM/memory then this post was useless lol.

I use my own texture/resource pack and sometime this happens. Try to restart minecraft and hopefully it will be fixed

it happens to me too, im 90% sure its the network problem cuz there are a lot of things to load in the hive lobbby…it will be fine when you quit hive and join again

I have my doubts that expanding the virtual memory can solve this issue, since windows handles the size of it by default automatically and virtual memory - independently from it’s size - is significantly slower than RAM and shouldn’t be used for gaming primarely at all.
(longer loading times)

Despite from that I don’t think the bug is due to less memory.
It appeared on my sibling’s pc with 16 Gigs memory too once or twice.

The title of the video “How to Increase RAM on Windows 10” is clickbait and not true, because virtual memory is not the same and not as efficient as RAM and the terms shouldn’t be used mixed.


Well idk why it worked for me… :man_shrugging:

Sorry for the bunp so I have researched alot
It isn’t generally something to worry about. It’s mostly a problem on your computer’s side. You can try troubleshooting and reconnecting your internet connection or restarting your computer. But for the few times, the problem goes further than that, it’s still not something to make a fuss about. Sometimes the game has skin servers down, which only lasts for some time before returning back to normal.

If these two don’t work, then log-out of your account, and then log back into it. If you only see the Steve or Alex skin in multiplayer/online, try playing offline for some time. Although it is very rare for the problem to go beyond that, if it does, try the official help website for Minecraft.