Hello...that's just about it I guess

I just made my forum account so I decided to introduce my self I guess.My name is EscaburYT (not my real name obviously).and I own a YouTube channel called Escabur and I’ve already uploaded 2 view.im working on another one so it would be great if you liked my vid and even better if you subbed.well…i don’t have anything else to really say except I hope I can be a known member of the community.if you wanna meet me in-game I play on Asia region.Bye for now I guess


i definitely had the common sense to understand that EscaburYT was not your name…beside that matter,
welcome to ze forumss !!1!!!1
take some eggs, :egg: :egg:
(also just in case, this place is only for 13 or above )
gl on ur youtube

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Welcome to the forums Escabur! I hope that you have a great time here!

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image Hi, hope you have fun!

ok then hello to the people and we’ll make sure the people have fun with people, ok people?

Hey there! :wave: :beedance:

Welcome to the Hive forums! Hope you enjoy your time in the community! :heart: :slight_smile: