Hello! I’m MixrSirShiftygg

Hi, I already made one post but this is my introduction one
Here’s some things about me
I’m a Minecraft mobile player
I play Skywars on the hive,
I’m a Skywars level 19, almost level 20
I prefer cats over dogs
I have a pet lizard
You can call me SirShifty or MixrSirShiftygg
Anyways, hi!


Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time here!

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Ay wassup bro

welcome to the forums, make sure you read the rules, and enjoy your time here! :’)

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Hi Sir MixrGGShifty! I hope you have good luck with @HudsonDog59

anyway welcome to the Hive!

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Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!

Hello axolotl profile picture guy

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Hello!! I play mobile too sometimes, but never skywars; my phone screen is too tiny for me to try to pvp. But I’m glad to hear you like =) I hope you enjoy your time spent on the forums :white_heart: :beedance:

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Hello hello, I’m fairly new as well. Welcome! :splodger:

Welcome SirShift the the forums, hope you have a great time here! I am also a mobile player

Welcome to the forums!!

Welcome to the forums Mixr!! :D :blobheart:

~Welcome to the forums SirShifty!!!