Hearts on kill in skywars

Like in Survival games, cleaning is annoying in skywars aswell, I feel like the 3 heart addition per kill on sg allows the people being cleaned to stand a chance and I feel like it would be a really good addition for sw

this would be helpful when having to fight teams as a solo player aswell.

maybe regen and strength on kill? this makes it kinda balanced because if you try and clean someone and they have strength, its not a good idea

maybe regen 2 for 3-5 secs on kill and strength 1 for 3-5 secs on kill

(edit: i only say this because i bought strength and regen on kill perk in hyperlands and its so helpful)


agreed just a way to combat it in general, I understand that the book of life helps, but its quite rare, so cleaning is still such a big issue


strength is a bit overkill for being able to have it without working for it, on hyperlands you actually have to work for it


yeah i guess lvl 15 and 15k coins is working for it

i feel like if they don’t have strength they’ll have to buff the regen on kill, because all this is to combat cleaning. the strength is only a little to help so you don’t get cleaned, but if u win a fight by a lot the strength is a bit overkill, so maybe we just need regen

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Bumping this because I just got cleaned after beating a hacker and also because its just a really good suggestion imo. Also, they could maybe add resistance for a few seconds on kill too along with the extra hearts.