Have it so people who use the void walker kit can’t naturally regen health after voiding once

In order to balance out the void walker kit a bit more, as it seems a bit broken, I’d suggest making it so that once a void walker falls into the void and respawns, they can no longer naturally regen health. This obviously would exclude redstone ore and golden apples as that wouldn’t be natural regen. In my opinion, this would greatly balance the kit out more so there isn’t one specific kit dominating all others due to it being a bit broken in some regards.


This would be just unfair to people if they can’t naturally regen health and have to use absorption hearts to get health. I get the suggestions about things that happen to people when they use the void warper but they all just seem super unfair or unnecessary


I’d suggest you use the kit if it is so broken

It’s not too broken, but just a bit. I’m saying this so it gets a bit even as it’s kinda annoying that the games last so long due to me having to kill people twice, that’s just kinda it.

Removing thier natural regeneration is way to far tho and no one would use it if it would be implemented


So if you are on one heart and you fall into the void, you’ll have one heart forever unless you take damage??


My point of view of this is taking it like normal sky wars. You would usually die if you fall in the void, unless you pearl clutched or something. With void walker, having the ability to get pearls from kills and respawn once seems enough for me. My suggestion could probably be changed to make it so you can’t have natural regen for the next 2 minutes or so, but I’ll still hold onto my idea.

But what if you fall and vorp back in the first minute or so, most the game would still be played more than two minutes after. Still don’t really see a use in this

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I’m referring to 2 minutes after you fall into the void you’ll be able to regen naturally again, don’t know if I made that clear or not in my reply. Could possibly be 1 minute if 2 minutes still seems a bit too much.

In my original message I said natural regen, this excludes redstone and golden apples.

Redstone hardly makes a difference, and golden apples are rare. Natural regeneration is a vital part of PVP.


This is about balancing the kits, not just trying to win.


I replied about that, yes I understand

Ok so here is my fullopinion on kits, everyone has a kit they are good with they might not know it. But I think anyone can beat a void walker, iv never found them intimidating. I think people just get scared of them because of what they can do.