Have a closing border during sudden death

When it reaches sudden death, a border will slowly close in so it won’t be a pain to find people that are hiding.

I think that is a good idea

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Where would you buy stuff!?!


That’s why there are tracking compasses that cost 1 emerald. It’s really a fast and easy way to find people, therefore there is no way to have a border close during sudden death.


Good idea, only problem is the fact that all the shops are on the outer layer and it’s just tough luck if you’re broke and you have a stack of emeralds. Cool idea, they just need to fix that issue. I vote :ballot_box::slight_smile:


maybe when sudden death happens a shopkeeper spawns at the center of the map


Thats why i was thinking and he throws as gold and iron diamonds like those sparklers things


Eveyone, when the border closes, there will be no more buying from the shop, be prepared when the border starts to close in so you don’t die quickly.


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That could work thanks!

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i dont play bedwars, but these seems like a good idea because hiding can be really annoying, (skywars, murder mystery, you get it lol.)

Or, like I said again, just use a compass… they’re supposed to be cheap, like one emerald won’t kill you.

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But it would also make the game more action packed because of the ominous border closing in on the innocent player

I personally disagree with this to some extent, cubecraft did this and I died because I was stuck on my island without blocks. Maybe though if it fixed your bridges or gave you blocks though